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Titres The True Spark
Adjectif Ashavic
Home Sparkling Fens, Elysium
Alignement Chaotic good
Portfolio Dancers
Lonely spirits
Adorateurs Bereaved, dancers, ghosts, good lycanthropes, lonely individuals
Cleric Alignments Modèle:Alignment grid
Domaines Chaos, Darkness, Good, Repose
Sous domaines Ancestors, Azata, Moon, Revelry
Arme de prédiléction Bladed scarf

Ashava the True Spark is an empyreal lord, one of the unique azatas who have ascended after gaining a spark of divinity. She is believed to have manifested from marsh lights that danced in Elysium for ages.[1] Legends hold that Ashava seeks out lonely ghosts who have become lost, leading them to safety at night. Graveyard shrines to Ashava reportedly give lost souls a place where they can rest.[2]


Standing 7 feet tall, her gown made of starlight causes Ashava to be partially obscured by shadows, except when under the light of a bright moon. Her flushed, olive skin is complemented by the wreath of moss she wears on her head.[1]

Church of Ashava

Ashava has a strong following along Varisia's Lost Coast[3] and in the Varisian city of Magnimar.[4] Temples to the True Spark are found in barrows, graveyards, wilderness areas, and isolated communities. Her holy symbol is the silhouette of a dancing woman in front of a full moon. Her most common minions include half-celestial werewolves, lunar nagas and pegasi. Her most devout worshippers spend an hour each day dancing in an isolated area in the moonlight. If the moon is not shining, or they cannot be alone, they pray for the lonely dead and leave a lighted lantern for them somewhere dark.[1]

Ashavic dancers

Some followers of Ashava known as Ashavic dancers use moonlit dances to guide and save souls who have lost their way on the River of Souls. Many of these performances can turn and influence the undead, speak to the dead and spirits, or ward against possession.[3]


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