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What strange horrors we've seen on this journey at first it appeared to be just another rock 1n this boulder-strewn cavern, but as we approached the beast stood on its stout insectoid legs. as its illusion dissolved we saw four grotesque appendages sprout from the beast—each with a different method of inflicting harm. its strange rasping mouth screeched forth someth1ng in some foul tongue words shredding out of its maw like jagged steel on smooth stone. never before have i seen such a fiend, and i hope never to see one of its kind again.
-from the journal of marlis malathane, explorer[1]

Chance Meetings, Malcontents, And Monsters[1]

This month's Pathfinder Bestiary is a special treat, in part because every entry was written by someone in the office. First, former intern Jerome Virnich writes of the watchful cephalophores, stony depictions of martyred saints. With much of this volume's adventure dealing with Wind song Abbey and the strange goings on beyond the Doomsday Door, there's no better time to showcase some new extra planar creatures. Sean K Reynolds writes about the herald of Groetus to go along with the article on this apocalyptic god; James Jacobs brings us a strange qlippoth that's been crawling around in his head since he was a kid making adventures for his friends and family; and F. Wesley Schneider delivers twoof his favorite outsiders (aside from devils, of course) with a new kyton and psychopomp.

Throughout the course of the Shattered Star Adventure Path, the PCs make their way to a handful of interesting sites in the wilds of Varisia. While PCs at this level may have access to magical transportation such as overland flight and teleport, many characters find themselves instead traveling the old fashioned way. In the case of this volume's adventure, the PCs can visit Windsong Abbey by boat via the Varisian Gulf, on horseback, or simply by walking, and random encounters like the ones presented on this page make for perfect opportunities to break up such long periods of travel.

Some of the creatures on the Lost Coast Encounters table can be confronted along the shores of the Varisian Gulf, while others can be found in the hills and forests surrounding Wind song Abbey. If a random encounter roll doesn't fit the P Cs' current location, roll again on the table or simply choose an appropriate encounter from the listed selections. The table and the following entries build upon some of the typical encounters to be had in this hazardous region.

Spriggan Ambush (CR 10): A wretch of a man, Dintran Malgor (use the stats for a champion on page 263 of the Game Mastery Guide) was booted from his order of Hell knights only to come across four spriggans (Bestiary 2257) in his subsequent wanderings. The villains formed an alliance based on blood lust, and the group now prowls the foothills of the Fogs car Mountains south of the Churl wood looking for travelers to harass-and Varisians to slaughter. They hope to bring on other monstrous creatures and other unsavory humanoids to form a band of brigands, and ultimately want to establish a base of operations witha range of influence greater than that of their small camp. Dintran and the spriggans set up ambushes for caravans and travelers, allowing the spriggans to leap out of hiding before Dintran himself wades into the fray.

Possessing a Shadow (CR 11): Marlon and Endrek have long been friends after saving each other's life a number of times in battles throughout western Avistan. They have since signed on with an expedition leading into the frontier of Varisia, but after passing through Nidal, the pair of sells words (Game Mastery Guide 283) picked up some unwanted company. As the two passed through the Mindspin Mountains, they became possessed by two shadow demons (Bestiary 67). Now, the four have traveled to the Lost Coast in a campaign of corruption and murder, and the human soldiers have fully embraced their demonic riders.

Lord of the Forest (CR 12): Deep in the Churl wood a threat lingered in seclusion for decades, but now it stirs. An adult green dragon (Bestiary 96) controls a portion of the forest 40 miles west of Wolf 's Ear, and has grown discontent with her humble domain. The dragon spends much of her time sleeping, relying on her goblin minions to bring her meals. However, once a month the beast f lies from her hidden forest den to plague the Lost Coast. The dragon rampages for 3 or 4 days before returning to her lair to slumber. She tends not to target communities, instead plucking off individual travelers or devouring small camps of Varisian wanderers; ruined wagons and acid-burned tents are frequently all that remain.

Rencontres Aléatoires de la Côte Oubliée[1]

d% Resuit Avg. CR Source
1-5 1d4 bulettes 9 Bestiary 39
6-10 1 nuckelavee 9 Bestiary 3 203
11-14 1d6 chuuls 10 Bestiary 46
15-19 1d8 highwaymen 10 GameMastery Guide 259
20-24 1d12 leucrottas 10 Bestiary 2 178
25-29 1d8 sea drakes 10 Bestiary 2 109
30-34 1d4 aurumvoraxes 11 Bestiary 2 35
35-39 1 elder mud elemental 11 Bestiary 2 121
40-43 1d4 giant snapping turtles 11 Bestiary 2 273
44-47 1d6 giant tarantulas 11 Bestiary 2 256
48-52 1d8 pukwudgies 11 Bestiary 3 223
53-57 1 thunderbird 11 Bestiary 2 264
58-61 1d4 tick swarms 11 Bestiary 2 265
62-66 1 athach 12 Bestiary 233
67-70 1d6 baykoks 12 Bestiary 3 35
71-74 1d8 bodaks 12 Bestiary 248
75-82 1di2 hill giants 12 Bestiary 150
83-89 1d8 mohrgs 12 Bestiary 208
90-99 2d8 redcaps 12 Bestiary 2 233
100 1 banshee 13 Bestiary 2 41


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