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Titres The Debt Minder
Alignement Lawful neutral
Portfolio Debt
Cleric Alignments Modèle:Alignment grid
Domaines Knowledge, Law, Strength, Travel
Sous domaines Exploration, Inevitable, Memory, Resolve
Arme de prédiléction Light pick

Dranngvit is Torag's half-sister although some legends claim she was supposed to have been Torag's wife but lost out to Folgrit. Dranngvit is a dwarven deity but is seen as a necessary evil rather than a beloved deity. Most pay her worship only when they know they have wronged someone. The only dwarves who choose her as their actually patron deity are normally those consumed by hatred and nothing else. Dranngvit may be the mother of Kols, but even if she is, Folgrit still treats Kols like a son.[1]


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