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Because of the reeds. We didn't see the creature until we were right up on it. The smell of the swam'p masking its horrid odor. We interrupted the wild thing as it was tending what looked like a garden that had rotted and molded over months ago. When it noticed us. The creature flew into a maniacal rage. Ranting in some obscure tongue and throwing bizarre fungus balls at us. Grenades that exploded in a thick mist of infectious spores. Alas. We had to leave mercels body behind. Before we were halfway to the marsh's edge. His body was already ripe with pulsing mold ...
-musha k.ringlim. Adventurer[1]

In this month's Pathfinder Bestiary we get a closer look at the strange caulborn, complex clockworks, and other weird creatures both menacing and benign that inhabit Kaer Maga and the surrounding environs.[1]

Chance Meetings, Malcontents, And Monsters[1]

In the Shattered Star Adventure Path, adventurers travel across Varisia in search of an ancient artifact that could spell destruction for Golarion-or could perhaps be the key to its survival. In deep dungeons and crumbling ruins, the PCs have ample opportunity to interact with some of the stranger denizens of Golarion. Here you'll find a random encounter table suitable for this volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path, as well as three encounter hooks to add to your Shattered Star campaign.

Some of the creatures on the table can be encountered in the City of Strangers, while others are found in the endless tunnels and corridors beneath Kaer Maga. If a random encounter roll doesn't fit the PCs' current location, roll again on the table or simply choose an appropriate encounter from the listed selections. The table and the following entries a selection of monsters potentially found in Kaer Maga and the dungeons below-for more details on Kaer Maga's plentiful threats and a greater variety of encounters, consult the encounter table on page 59 of Pathfinder Campaign Settinng: City of Strangers.

Dark Scouts (CR 7): Creeping up from deep below, this troupe of dark folk scouts seems to be mapping parts of the labyrinthine tunnels and passages below Kaer Maga. Led by a dark stalker (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 54) named Alktrin, the group includes two dark creepers (Bestiary 53) who scout ahead 40 feet, acting as bait and point guards for Alktrin and his dark slayer servant (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2 75). When the creepers encounter a threat too great for them to handle on their own, they engage with poisoned daggers while backing away to meet up with the other two dark folk so all four can fight as a team. Alktrin puts great value on her own life, and doesn't hesitate to sacrifice the dark creepers or dark slayer to protect herself, using them as shields and retreating into the darkness so she can live to report another day.

Stargazers (CR 8): High in a tower in Kaer Maga's Highside Stacks district, a lunar naga (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 3 197) named Sreythil keeps her eyes on the starry sky. Her gaze in recent months has stared deep into the darkness between the stars, as she believes a portent will reveal itself and usher in a time of devastation-a time she eagerly welcomes. Sreythil has attracted a small cadre of cultists through the use of her diluted poison, which they ingest as a hallucinogenic drug. This group of nearly insane followers consists of three rogues (use the statistics for a burglar on page 265 of the Pathfinder RPG GameMastery Guide) and an eloquent bard/rogue (use the statistics for a wanderer on page 290 of the GameMastery Guide). These followers are all addicted to Sreythil's poison, and fight fanatically to protect their source.

Moldy Meeting (CR 9): In a section of tunnels beneath Kaer Maga, a polevik (see page 90) hides himself away, feverishly working on what he thinks will be a particularly deadly strain of infectious fungus spores. He built his mold-infested laboratory in the middle of a small tunnel, using an ascomoid (Bestiary 3 20) to serve as a living door, blocking one end of the passage. Another ascomoid acts as his brutish protector-and sometimes even has to keep the polevik's prized pet violet fungus (Bestiary 274) from feasting on the rotting meat spread throughout the tunnel as a growing medium. The polevik is trying to distill the spores from a phycomid (Bestiary 2 210) he lured into his lab, and plans to release the result into the city above when he is done. The polevik's lair also contains shriekers and is lit with phosphorescent fungus. If attacked in his fungal lab, the polevik rips off a tentacle from the violet fungus and uses it as a whip, infecting those the whip touches with rot and violet venom.

Rencontres Aléatoires de Kaer Maga[1]

d% Resuit Avg. CR Source
1-5 1 caulborn 7 Bestary 3 48
6-10 1 flesh golem 7 Bestary 160
11-14 1 greater barghest 7 Bestary 27
15-19 1 médusa 7 Bestary 201
20-24 1 sceaduinar 7 Bestary 2 239
25-29 1 animate dream 8 Bestary 2 29
30-34 1 dark naga 8 Bestary 211
35-39 1 deathtrap ooze 8 Bestary 3 64
40-43 1d8 faceless stalkers 8 Bestary 2 122
44-47 1 intellect devourer 8 Bestary 180
48-52 1 mohrg 8 Bestary 208
53-57 1d8 cloakers 9 Bestary 47
58-61 1d4 dr1ders 9 Bestary 113
62-66 1 spirit naga 9 Bestary 213
67-70 1d4 totenmaskes 9 Bestary 2 269
71-74 1 vampire 9 Bestary 270
75-79 1 witchfire 9 Bestary 2 284
80-84 1 bogeyman 10 Bestary 3 42
85-89 1d6 brain oozes 10 Bestary 3 43
90-96 1 gug 10 Bestary 2 151
97-99 1 carnivorous crystal 11 Bestary 3 45
100 1 devourer 11 Bestary 82


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