Zavaten Gura

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Zavaten Gura
Pays: {{{land}}}
Capitale Visheksrad
Dirigeant Utograf Voislav
Gouvernement Monarchy
natives Guran
adjective Guran
Languages Dwarven
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The dwarven hold of Zavaten Gura[1] is the most heavily populated area of the Crown of the World and the continent's only centralized nation. Located in the Stained Peaks north of Avistan, down to its coast on the Cholpod Gulf, Zavaten Gura's dwarven inhabitants heavily mine their mountain home for its rich metal deposits which they use in constructing the kingdom's cast-iron castles. As a result of the dwarves' incessant mining, however, the land has become despoiled in many areas by toxic slag.[2]

The Guran dwarves do brisk trade with their neighbors, especially the Erutaki humans of the Espinar River. Dwarven sailors from Zavaten Gura fish the Shining Sea; fungus farms complement their diet.[2][3]

In Guran legend, the nearby Hills of Mournful Calling are haunted by their ancestors who once ruled that land until they were overrun by giants.[3] The ruins of the Faded Hall of Lorngrim and Zunderwal Hold bear out these legends.[4]



  1. Zavaten Gura originated as an entry in the 2008 RPG Superstar contest. While the extra information in the original submission may not be Golarion canon, it may prove indispensable to GMs whose campaigns take them there.
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